Sites and Field Studies

Geological, geochemical work, geophysical measurements and analyses, work related to satellite images and exploration and production drillings are implemented in the sites.

So far, 1000 Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), 700 Magnetotelluric (MT), 5000 gas measurements, 17 exploration drillings have been performed. Following exploration work, the geothermal power potential of the sites have been analyzed. Primary target of SDS Energy is to generate electricity in the sites.

Aydın Kuyucak License Area (Drilling)

Aydın Söke License Area (Drilling)

Aydın Germencik License Area (Drilling)

İzmir Dikili License Area (Drilling)

Aydın Buharkent License Area (Drilling)

Geological Field Studies

Remote Sensing

Geophysical Surveys